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 Bishop Now Opposes Inquiry (October 14, 2004)

Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher, after hearing a report in today's Ottawa Sun which says several victims in the Cornwall sex abuse scandal have reached a settlement, claims a public inquiry would only create "more smoke than light.". He also says it would not "serve any great purpose." Durocher tells Jewel 1220 News he has now come to the conclusion there is no need for a public inquiry. Back in March, 2003, the bishop said he would support a "limited inquiry", one that would involve court and police actions only. An Ottawa lawyer says deals were made earlier this year between the victims, the province and the order that ran the old Classical College. According to CJOH T-V, the provincial deal is worth four million dollars and involves 14 victims. The other has four victims splitting 1.3 million from the clerics of St-Viateur. The dollar amounts have not been confirmed by the Jewel 1220 News Centre. Local MPP Jim Browell and the clerics of St-Viateur have been unavailable for comment. Meanwhile, Rick Goodwin, Executive Director of the men's project in Ottawa - a group which councils abuse victims - tells Jewel 1220 News you can not put a price-tag on abuse. Goodwin says money is about the only way to receive some kind of compensation for abuse that has taken place.