Variety 104 - October 14, 2004

by Lorne Wiebe

It's not "Settled"

Recent word of a settlement for victims of sexual abuse in Cornwall should come as no surprise. The Jewel 1220 News Centre reported last March that there may have been some kind of settlement reached with the Clerics of St. Viateur in Quebec however the group refused to talk to us. Now news that the Brotherhood has shelled out 1.3 million to 4 victims and that the Ontario government has stepped forward and paid out 4 million dollars to 14 victims. Those numbers were reported on CJOH -T-V. Some of those close to the abuse cases in Cornwall doubt the amounts are that high. A "gag order" has been placed on how much they got and if the victims speak out they could lose their money. No money could ever be enough to compensate for the abuse they endured. Even though we expected to eventually hear more news about the settlements (you always do) what is still amazing is the province's refusal to delve deeper into the problem here. No public inquiry yet and perhaps, only perhaps, will we get one after the last Project Truth case is done. Money has been paid out. Victims told to keep the mouths shut. Does that sound like a search for truth to you?