October 26, 2004

Variety 104.5 - Letters to the editor

Let Inquiry Outrage Be Known
I believe very strongly that there must be a full inquiry to bring matters into the light of day. The victims' voices must be heard - we cannot let them be ignored or marginalized any longer. The very fact that the Ontario Government has made a "deal" speaks volumes. It is no wonder the repeated requests for a public inquiry have fallen upon deaf ears. I hope and pray that the citizens of Cornwall, and all Canadians will stand up and let their outrage be known. My husband and I are shouting our support from the west coast.
Ann Wylie Yelland
Duncan, BC

Public Inquiry Needed
I agree that the people of this city, especially the victims and the survivors of Project Truth deserve to know what happened here. Why the coverup? How come our government keeps finding excuses not to have a public inquiry? I believe that a PUBLIC INQUIRY is definately needed here. How long do the victims have to suffer before something is done? Have they not suffered enough? What is wrong with our government? We need to give and show our support to the victims and survivors by pushing for a PUBLIC INQUIRY. We need to stick together on this and not back down or give up. We need to stand up for what we believe in.
Jo Carbonnell

Brownell Should Introduce Private Members Bill
It's plain to see what Dalton McGuinty is up to when it comes to calling his promised inquiry into the sexual abuse of our children in the Cornwall area. Unfortunately, our MPP Jim Brownell, who says he also supports an inquiry, appears to be in step with his boss in stonewalling an inquiry. Mr. Brownell has, very early on in the game, forgotten who is his real boss – we the voters.
Remember that it was Dalton McGuinty, a lawyer, who said in the legislature that we didn't have to worry about other proceedings taking place. We could hold an inquiry right now. Then, when he got elected premier, a new condition surfaced - we indeed needed to wait until the last Project Truth case was completed.
When that case was stayed mainly because of the crown’s delay, yet another condition arose - we have to wait for an appeal period of 30 days to elapse. Seeing that that was not all that long a time, a further condition was put forward, the premier wants to set up some strange polling system to find out what the people feel about the matter. Why didn't he do that when he broke his promise?
He has conveniently forgotten the 12,000 or more signatures on the petition supporting an inquiry, a figure that represents half the households in Cornwall.
And what has Jim Brownell done to hold Dalton McGuinty to account - well, nothing. Amazingly, it was another MPP (Peter Kormos) from another party having to ask the hard questions of THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT.
What Mr. Brownell has to do is to show he really means what he says and continually and publicly remind the Premier of his promise to hold an inquiry despite other proceedings and raise the stakes by introducing a private members bill calling for an inquiry. Talk is cheap. Silence is cheaper. Action speaks the loudest.
Joanne Carbonnell