Tempered elation is how many of us felt at Monday’s meeting (Nov 29th) with the Attorney General. Hard to believe that after 12 years of nonstop campaigning for truth and justice, we now have our inquiry. There are so many people who got involved and stayed involved who all contributed in bringing this inquiry about, but none more so than Perry Dunlop and his family, Carson Chisholm, Perry’s brother-in-law plus all those people who gave of their time and went petition-signing. They amassed more than 12,000 signatures and that made a difference.



This case is unique in that there exists a direct and distinct relationship between the priesthood and the Catholic laity. 



The mandate of Project Truth was three-fold: investigate historical claims of sexual abuse, the Cornwall police force and the local Crown Attorney, Murray MacDonald. By the year 2001, Project Truth officers had completed 800 interviews and had 68 suspects. 26 had died and 15 had been charged with 115 offences, leaving the Crown with 27 suspects yet to be charged.

 So who are the 27 suspects left to be charged??? How is it that the reports of the investigations of the Cornwall police and Murray McDonald were never made public???  

Who were the fire-keepers of this coverup and who was being protected so fervently that we’ve had to date some 9 suicides???



I suggest an immediate investigation of Jim Stewart’s office. As the director of Crown Operations, he would be a start. He is solely responsible for the  appointments of all those abysmal Crowns in the Project Truth trials. Why???


And rumour has it that Murray MacDonald, our local Crown, is slated to take Jim’s place when he retires. Robert Pelletier who was the original Project Truth Crown, was removed for conflict of interest. He had been Murray’s best man at his wedding. Our supposed lawyer Howard Yegendorf even tried to protect him by having his name removed from an affidavit. Too many connections here to ignore.


Then there are the judges who were all complicit in the failure of the Project Truth trials and the role of the Knights of Columbus in Cornwall, their influence and especially the role of those 4th degree Knights that are implicated. Follow the Boston Diocese’s example and get full disclosure from the Alexandria-Cornwall diocese                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



One of the reasons for the climate of permissiveness that corrupted the police staff was the loss of leadership and control on matters of sexual assault or abuse in the Cornwall police force had its genesis under Chief Earl Landry. He joined the force in 1947. In 1957 he was promoted to the rank of Inspector and then in 1970 to Chief Inspector and Deputy Chief. From 1974 to 1983, he was Cornwall’s Chief of police, prior to Claude Shaver.


During that time, his son Earl Landry Jr. was the City’s Recreation Director and more specifically in charge of the City’s north end park at the corners of Seventh and York streets. Everyone knew for years that Jr. was sexually molesting boys in the club houses but no one would complain for fear of losing their City jobs. Much of the Chief’s and police time were spent covering up for his son. That brought with it a form of blackmail and loss of leadership.  Jr. was finally arrested, largely due to parental complaints. He was sentenced to 5 years in a federal penitentiary in December ‘99. He was 44 and had for most of his life, sexually abused boys without fear of being caught.



  Several of us at the meeting had a discussion on terminology. For the large part, these sexual assaults involved boys in their teens and in the case of the probation officers, the boys in their middle to late teens. These are homosexual acts and I call these people, homosexual predators.


However the moment I say the word homosexual, people are downright uncomfortable.  One could think I was involved in a hate crime or become a strident homophobic.You can tell by the blank stares. But are we dealing ourselves more problems by not calling it what it is? The police were able to sidestep the issue by declaring that there was no pedophile ring. Of course not. We do not have a pedophile problem.


If we are to get away from all the stereotypes and the hype that pedophilia brings, we can challenge with the real name of these sick individuals. They are all pederasts. The dictionary defines pederasty as the practice of homosexual relations, especially by a man with a boy.


Stuck with the word ‘homosexual’ again. Father Charlie when he entered Southdown for therapy, would not admit to being homosexual. It took him six months to realize that he was.

To be a pederast takes all kinds of skills in order to make your target compliant to sexual overtures. Just the grooming of his target can take years before he attacks.


No one wants to hear my argument for pederasts. I must admit that the word pedophile has more bangs and does send a real message that is easily understood.



Sylvia MacEachern - P.O. Box 186 Fitzroy Harbour, ON  K0A1X0

2 December 2004

Dear Mr. Bryant,

First, thank you for traveling to Cornwall to allow residents and victims an opportunity to provide input to the terms of reference for the inquiry.

I also thank you for listening to my brief input. Unfortunately I had not anticipated an opportunity to speak, nor was I aware that I could have applied for standing to speak in advance, consequently I was unable to address and articulate the following matters which I believe have relevance to the terms of reference and scope of the inquiry.

1. "Cornwall" is more than a local issue. It would be wrong to present it as such. Roman Catholics across Canada and the United States are keenly interested and troubled by the events in Cornwall and are anxious to see the truth unfold. Likewise, countless non-Catholics have followed the unfolding saga and are equally anxious to see the truth unfold. All are aware that this could happen in their own backyard and have a vested interest in both the inquiry and its outcome.

2. Unfortunately, there is little understanding of the unique, devastating and long-term effects of sexual abuse of young males. The inquiry should therefore have the ability to determine what the prevalent attitudes were/are toward pederasty and male victims of sexual abuse and make recommendations for improvement. Crown attorneys and judges must be educated to understand the issue of pederasty and to deal competently and compassionately with male victims of sexual abuse.

3. Perry Dunlop is integral to this inquiry. His ability to pursue his chosen career is gone, and, in many circles, his reputation is destroyed. Unfortunately even Crown attorneys jumped on the band wagon to paint Perry Dunlop as foe vs friend. For many, that raises the obvious question: Was there a conspiracy to achieve this end and thereby discredit and/or silence Perry Dunlop? I can not imagine how the inquiry could proceed without a mandate to probe this dimension of the Cornwall saga.

2. It is my understanding that findings of misconduct can be acted upon only if they fall within the mandate of the inquiry. Therefore there are a number of institutions whose personnel and actions throughout the past number of years must be included in the scope of the inquiry. Those which come to mind, and in no particular order, are:

a. Cornwall Police Services

b. Ottawa Police

c. OPP in general, Project Truth in particular

d. Correctional Services

e. Children’s Aid Society in Cornwall

f. Offices of the Ontario Attorney General

g. Offices of the Ontario Solicitor General

h. Viatorian order of priests who operated the Classical College in Cornwall

i. Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall

j. Judiciary

I will elaborate briefly on my reasons for including the offices of the Attorney General and the judiciary.

I include the offices of the auditor general in order to ensure that, apart from obvious questions regarding the past Attorneys General dealings with Perry Dunlop, the past actions of various Crown Attorneys within Cornwall is addressed, as well as the manner whereby Crowns were assigned to the Project Truth trials, the conduct of those Crowns, and their ability to deal with male victims of sexual abuse. I will limit my observations here to the recent Leduc pre-trial motions where observers felt that the Crown was working for/with defence, and where court transcripts were stacked with erroneous information simply because the Crown did not attempt to set the record straight.

As for the judiciary, as I said on Monday last, I believe that it is imperative that the inquiry is mandated to inquire into the judiciary. It goes without saying that the role and conduct of justices Colin McKinnon and James Chadwick during the first Leduc trial raise serious questions regarding judicial involvement in the persistent talk of cover-up. However, I would add that those perceptions had already started to take root when, despite strong witnesses and irrefutable evidence, presiding judges at Project truth trials rendered a verdict of "not guilty" or, the unbelievable, "not guilty enough." Furthermore, and going further into the past, there are serious questions raised regarding the obstruct justice charge leveled against a former Crown Attorney, and the subsequent absolute discharge granted by the sitting judge.

In conclusion, I trust that you will give my belated input consideration.

Yours truly,

Sylvia MacEachern


To be continued …