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Kevin Parkinson
Agree that it's time for inquiry
Story Date:
October 29, 2004


Dear Editor, I couldn’t agree more with John Divinski’s call for a public inquiry into Project Truth, in light of the Leduc stay of proceedings. It’s encouraging to see that he hasn’t lost interest in this important issue. Charges against Jacques Leduc were stayed by Judge Platana recently in another fiasco. In other words, Leduc is neither ‘guilty’ nor ‘not guilty’ and the public may never find out what the truth is. A ‘stay’ is a legal term, based on the premise that the accused was denied a fair trial in a reasonable amount of time. Essentially, the justice system fails when the court, for whatever reason, fails to deliver a verdict in a case. As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another reason for a full public inquiry into Project Truth. Ten years and counting, an inquiry has been resisted over and over again by the government of the day. Who is the government protecting? Why have there been continued efforts to stall an inquiry, despite the apparent support of Dalton McGuinty? How can the people of Cornwall and area feel that their children are safe from sexual predators if the government and the justice system refuse to protect and to prosecute? There’s no proof that abuse is declining in our community, even as more public support is sought to provide treatment. Moreover, what about the victims of the abuse? Shouldn’t they be given an opportunity to confront their accusers and have their day in court? Jim Brownell’s courage and convictions will be put to the test as he makes the case for an inquiry for this riding. Stop the stalling, dispense with the rhetoric, and carry out what 12,000 citizens asked the government to do four years ago. Begin a public inquiry into Project Truth. Kevin Parkinson, Cornwall