Reality Check

Commentary on news from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

March 28, 2005

Has the Public Inquiry into Sexual Abuse in Cornwall been Forgotten?

On February 22, 2005 the Attorney General of Ontario, Michael Bryant, announced in the Legislature that a Commissioner for an Inquiry into the sexual abuse of victims in Cornwall and area would begin soon.

In fact, he was more specific than that. He said a Commissioner would be named within 10 days, on or about March 4th.

Well, the Easter break has come and gone, and 34 days have passed since Bryant’s announcement was made.

Are we to believe that with 25 million people in Canada, that not one person can be found to conduct this Inquiry?

This is very discouraging news for the victims who have waited many years for an Inquiry, which the government finally promised to convene, but at this point, has not yet started.

We need action.